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Momento Demento is an international collective rooted in Croatia.

Momento Demento Festival promotes underground psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art. Mo:Dem politics is not about expanding its numbers of visitors but investing in quality and content.

Striving forward, learning, self-improving and always pushing the boundaries of technical production is what makes Mo:Dem the unforgettable psychedelic experience it is known to be.


Publish Date: 22/09/2021

Next edition of Mo:Dem Festival is scheduled for 8 - 14 August 2022.

All tickets purchased for the 2020 and 2021 editions of Mo:Dem Festival are automatically transferred and are valid for Mo:Dem Festival 2022.

All refund requests already received are automatically accepted. We are accepting refund requests for tickets purchased for the 2020 and 2021 editions until Friday, 15th October 2021 (23:59 CEST).


The same deadline applies to all ticketholders that want to cancel their refund request, thus keeping their ticket for Mo:Dem Festival 2022. For refund cancellation email us directly on [email protected]

Mo:Dem Festival 2022 is sold-out, however, there is a limited ammount of refunded tickets available. As we are not increasing the number of festival attendees and providing sustainable funds for ticket refund payments, number of available tickets depends on the number of refunded tickets.

Resales of refunded tickets will take place in two tiers.

First tier of sales will start from the 19th October 2021 (10:00 CEST) when tickets will be offered to all crowdfunding campaign backers and other supporters that were granted priority access to ticket purchases.
Note: the link for the priority access will be sent timely via email.

Second tier of sales will start from the 26th October 2021 (10:00 CEST) when remaining tickets will be sold by regular on-line sales. Tickets will be sold on a „first-come-first-go“ basis until they are sold out.
Note: Tickets in this tier are subject to availability!

Unique ticket price for Mo:Dem Festival 2022 will be 250€.

Tickets are only available on-line from Litesource Shop or directly through Mo:Dem Ambassadors. Do not buy tickets from other sources, as invalid tickets will not be allowed entry into the festival site. Mo:Dem Festival E-tickets are personalised and need to be registered with a valid name and surname. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold.

Refund payments will start immediately after the launch of additional resales of refunded tickets. Due to different laws and bank policies, the payment process may last until 05th November 2021.

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Festival

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Photo by Jana Bauch

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] HVALA! [

Publish Date: 15/09/2021

Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable experience!

The great success of Mo:Dem Mutations events is based on your friendship, support and comradeship. A big THANK YOU to all of our visitors, ticket holders, artists, vendors, restaurants, shops, crowdfunding backers, promoters, friends and family.

We were only doing our job, but in times in which despair, hopelessness and lethargy are offered as something normal, we feel like we did something extraordinary. We pulled it off with love, passion and commitment of our volunteers, workers, local community and crew.

Regrets? We had a few, but then again too few to mention. This was a huge learning process and we promise that we will incorporate newly acquired knowledge into building a better festival next year.

Next Mo:Dem Festival is scheduled for 8 - 14 August 2022.

Exact refund requests and refund cancelations, refund payments, ticket resales dates and deadlines will be published in exactly seven days. Until then, stay safe, sane and positive.

With love, passion and commitment,
Mo:Dem Festival Crew

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Photo by Gianluca Iarlori pics

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