MoDem 2013
NOTE: All entry tickets MUST be paid in Croatian Kuna currency, cash only. Please exchange euros for Kuna at the boarder or airport before arriving at the festival! and plan accordingly!!!



Kerlivin is the latest addition to the MO:DEM line-up. Signed to Parvati Records, the Taiwanese artist is a rare gem in the psychedelic trance scene. We are very happy and proud to welcome him to MO:DEM Festival, where he plays his only European gig this summer! So as we anticipate the power of blast at the main floor, we caught up with him to find out how he feels about joining all you freaks on the dance floor in just a few weeks time… ;-)

1. Welcome! So you’ll be traveling all the way from Taiwan to play at MO:DEM! How do you feel?

I am very excited to go to Croatia to perform because it is my first time there and a new experience. Thank you for inviting me to your country to play my music in Croatia. I am looking forward to this trip and i know i will have a great time performing for your crowd. Thank you again!

2. Actually, this has been a very last minute because Derango had to cancel – and of course, we had to find a suitable replacement…

Derango’s music is really very special and attractive. He’s also the one of my favourite artists. It’s a pity he can’t attend this time! But I’m very happy and really feel it’s my honour to replace Derango and performing for you and your crowd!

3. We don’t get to see many Taiwanese artists on the scene – tell us what the scene is like over in Taiwan…

We have plenty of indoor and outdoor parties in Taiwan, which attract between 100 and 500 people. Most of the parties are indoor though, although the outdoor events are often held in the summer! People in Taiwan love listening to a lot of Full On, Forest and Deep Psychedelic/Progressive sounds…

4. And finally – please tell us: What is psychedelic trance for you?

Happiness, new world, new possibility. it’s full of energy, variety, and emotions, and also gives the very true and direct interaction with our mind and soul.



Class act. 19 year old Søren captured our hearts when we heard his mind-bending, glitched-out, bouncy, whompy, bass music. The talented Danish artist was selected from hundreds of people that applied to perform at the Chill Out. We had the chance to speak with him as he gets ready to perform at MO:DEM 2014…

Congratulations on winning the competition to play at the Chill Out! Tell us how you discovered the MO:DEM Festival…
Earlier this year, I randomly came across the festival and I thought it looked really interesting. Beautiful surroundings, great music and pure visual candy! As a newcomer to these sort of festivals I thought – why not apply for the Chill Out stage competition, and see what happens? I had no expectations at all and was called out as the winner! I’m super stoked about this as it will be the first psychedelic festival I’m attending.

You’re only 19 years old – tell us a little about your journey into music.
I started playing random instruments and looping drums on my mum’s old stereo way early. I actually dreamt of becoming a rock star until I went to the USA as an exchange student four years ago. That’s where my musical horizon got extended by far! I was opened up to electronic music, chill stuff mostly, and after returning home, I began twisting knobs and creating sounds for fun.

Today, my vision of mellow-downtempo is still developing. I’m into sounds of nature: from birds chirping to sticks breaking – everything out there really. I spend a lot of time recording these sounds – I think it brings a natural and pure dimension to the music that everyone can vibe on.

So you’re evidently pretty excited about joining us at MO:DEM…
I am so, so thrilled to be on the lineup and I cannot wait to play my tracks for these loving and beautiful people that will be attending! I’m especially excited about this one because I know for sure that the settings will be right. This is sometimes an issue in Denmark, where I’ve found it difficult fitting into several line ups throughout my short career. My music is not appealing to everyone so it gives me great calmness to know that this is a festival where my creations will fit in!





Dice Radio to Broadcast LIVE from MO:DEM Festival

We are very proud to announce a collaboration with our new media partners, Dice Radio, who will broadcast live from the MO:DEM Festival location this year! With this exciting new creative collaboration, we aim to share the vibe of the MO:DEM Festival with our friends around the world…

Dice Radio is an internet radio channel that has been transmitting 24 hours of live music and radio shows and is now into its third season. A corner for music in the cyberworld, the project lives and moves within the colourful dynamics of the BPM and steers well clear of mainstream rationale.

Constantly evolving, the online radio station has persevered in seeking out new ideas and sounds while stimulating intelligent dialogue with individuals that listen and renounce the dictatorship of ‘like.’

Last year, it became the first Greek web-radio station to transmit LIVE from a music festival when it went to Bahrain for the Eclipse.

We’re very inspired to join Dice for this creative collaboration as we anticipate broadcasting live interviews, stories and music from the MO:DEM Festival location this year!

Stay tuned:

Listen via Facebook @
Listen via TuneIn @

Owner: Kostas Pieces
Program Manager: Argy Echosense
Graphic Design: Minas PoEt Alefragkis


Thanks to the help and support of amazing friends everywhere, we have launched an exciting promo-party program across Europe. From London to Ljubljana – we’re gonna be there!

So if we happen to be in a city near you – be sure to join us to get a flavour of that unstoppable MO:DEM vibe…

For your information, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of MO:DEM promo events that will be taking place in different European cities over the coming months…


We’re super happy to work with amazing people in Switzerland for our very first promo party in the country!
The line-up includes a surprise live-act, as well as live sets from Synthetik Chaos, Disintegrated Circuits, Meerkut, Act One and Atomental.
There will also be DJ sets from Si, Z3NKAI, Kroma Soma and Dvorjak. Visual mapping with Delta Process and décor with Delusional Syndrome and Luzille Blue.
More info here:


Welcome to the new MO:DEM 2014 website!

Back to blast – MO:DEM is moving forwards into 2014 with it’s third edition – this time taking an extra-conscious approach with a theme dedicated to ECOLOGY.

The response received by the previous edition has singled MO:DEM out for having one of the most exceptional line-ups on the festival circuit. So we fly with the same strategy in 2014 by delivering a finely-researched music program designed to communicate sounds that are: fresh, high-grade, organic and underground.

We’ll also be returning to the same natural paradise as the previous edition with the Chill Out area down by the river and the Main floor at the upper level – this time with the addition of a shuttle bus to ferry you between the two music stages. Workshops, lectures and cinema screenings take place at the site of the former ‘Healing Area’ – which will now occupy the area surrounding the Gallery space downstairs.

Of course there will be an inspiring flea market with unique artefacts and goods from traveling traders and artesans situated right near the Chill Out, and a variety of fresh, alternative, cultural foods from both Croatia and around the world.

Last but not least: we are particularly grateful for the unique location of the festival. It is profound on several levels: historical, environmental, holistic, aesthetic and structural. So we have committed ourselves to communicating the critical message of its preservation by dedicating the festival to the theme of Ecology. From the infrastructure to the creative vision – our approach is to take things one step at a time – beginning with permanent structures and a refined strategy for collecting and recycling rubbish and materials.

Applications for volunteers, artists, performers and contributors for the different stages are now open. Information to be found on the website under the section: Work With Us.

So we look forwards to welcoming you all to this very special edition of the MO:DEM Festival! Stay updated with developments by connecting to the FB page and by subcribing to the MO:DEM newsletter. Let’s blast!