Mo:Dem 2021 vs. COVID-19

From the beginning and through the whole period of pandemic Mo:Dem team is working closely with professional associations, event organizers, local government and health authorities. At this stage, rules and regulations are changing from day to day. These changes are positive and the situation is getting better and better. We will update you with exact anti-covid requirements as they change.


You will need to check what the entry requirements are with your local authorities. Every country may be different.

Here is a useful site where you can check entry requirements based on where you are coming from and your destination:

Check Croatian Government website with latest entry requirements:

Please regularly check the above as regulations are constantly being updated.

Updated on 15 July 2021


Entrance to Mo:Dem Mutations events will be possible only with one of the below options :
1. Negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours), or
2. Rapid antigen test RAT (not older than 48 hours), or
3. The certificate that proves you had COVID-19 in the last 6 months, or
4. The certificate that proves you received the vaccine.

Visitors coming directly from the countries of the European Union into Croatia and the Mutations events need to hold a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC).

Here is a helpful link on where you can apply for your EUDCC in your own country:

Important notes:
a) RAT test findings must be issued by a health institution or laboratory and confirmed by a doctor.
b) it's your responsibility to keep the track of the expiration date on your PCR or RAT test and include it in your planning.

Re-entering the event location will be treated the same as the first arrival. Therefore once you leave the venue, for re-entering you will again need to provide one of the mandatory certificates.

Children under 12 and accompanied by a parent/guardian are exempt from the requirement to present a negative test result, if the parent or guardian has one of the documents required for entry into the event. Note that children under 14 are allowed in for free and need to be accompanied by at least one parent or a legal guardian. They also please need to be registered before the event at this email: [email protected]


We will provide a COVID-19 testing station at the venue entrance for people wanting to test upon arrival and departure, with options for a PCR and RAT test.

The PCR test will take at least 8hrs so you will need to plan your departure around this.
RAT test will take up to 30min.
Please check the entry requirements for your next country of destination.
For departure results can be emailed to you so you do not need to wait. The results will be in English.

RAT test: 150 kuna
PCR test: 400 kuna


From Monday 09 to Monday 23 August 2021

From 8 AM to 11:59 PM


In order to board the shuttle from Slunj to the Mutations venue you need to have a valid covid certificate or EUDCC.

If you need to use the shuttle service please take note of the shuttle bus times and expiration date on your test and make sure you plan accordingly. Shuttle bus timetable:

If you are traveling from the venue to Slunj and plan to return to the venue again outside of the testing station operating times, you will need to test at the venue entrance before departing to Slunj, in order to have a valid certificate to board the shuttle on your return.

NOTE: This information is ONLY applicable for those people without a recovery or vaccination certificate.

/ Our local transport partner, Autopromet, provides 24/7 private transfers from Slunj to Mo:Dem, this includes hours that reside outside of regular shuttle bus operating times.
WhatsApp contact: +385 98 981 5747 /

We will update the above information if it changes.

Once you pass the gate there will be no social distancing or the obligation to wear a face mask.

Note: Re-entering the event location will be treated the same as the first arrival. Thus once you left the venue, for re-entering you will again need to provide one of the mandatory certificates.

Updated on 01 August 2021