Publish Date: 18/05/2021

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

As announced in our latest update this summer we decided to organize two smaller events and face the challenge of rescheduling the festival with a fun twist. These events will take place at the Mo:Dem location, back to back, in the period from 9 to 22 August 2021. Each event will feature four days of music, spanning from Wednesday to Sunday, topped up with workshops, lectures and other fun & relaxing content.

Mo:Dem Mutations V.1 : from 9 to 15 August 2021
Mo:Dem Mutations V.2 : from 16 to 22 August 2021

Mo:Dem Mutations V.1 & V.2 will take place on the lower part of the Mo:Dem location, on the banks of the Mrežnica river. You can expect the usual musical program, with a slight alteration. As The Hive stage will be closed, this year you will be able to witness a unique, once-in-a-modemtime experience of The Hive music concept on The Swamp island. At the same time The Seed will feature a blend of The Swamp and The Seed music. The first batch of live acts and DJ's will be announced at the beginning of June.

You will be able to buy ticket(s) for a single event or for both Mo:Dem Mutations. In between the events, from Sunday night until Tuesday, there won't be a music program, however camping, bars and restaurants will be operating. This could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Mo:Dem location and do all of those things you always say you will but never do.


Mo:Dem Mutations tickets are strictly limited.

Ticket prices will be 135€ for single event, or 240€ if buying tickets for both events. Due to the Croatian tourist law each attendee is required to pay tourist tax. This can be paid upon arrival directly to the tourist board located at the gate of the festival.

Tickets will be sold on a „first-come-first-go“ basis until they are sold out, only through Litesource Shop. Ambassadors will not be selling tickets. Sales will take place in two tiers.

From the 07th June 2021 tickets will be offered to all 2020/21 ticketholders, crowdfunding campaign backers and other supporters that were granted priority access to ticket purchases.

From the 14th of June 2021 (10:00 CEST) remaining tickets will be sold by regular online sales.

Mo:Dem Mutations ticket(s) are refundable in total only in the case of event(s) cancelation. Ticket(s) are personalised and cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold.

Mo:Dem ticketholders will be allowed to exchange their 2020/21 tickets for Mo:Dem Mutations V.1 & V.2. Due to the complexity of this process we will explain all of the details in our next update.

We feel obliged to answer the question "why two events?" We were guided by the principle that every Mo:Dem ticketholder has the possibility to participate in Mo:Dem Mutations even with the limitation of event(s) capacity. On top of that, the health and wellbeing of our visitors, workers & crew are always set as the highest priority.

Stay safe, sane and positive :)

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Festival Crew

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