Publish Date: 18/01/2017

As we announced with this year's edition we are starting our new concept with three musical stages. The first one we present is The Swamp. Located on the hottest and most memorable part of the Festivals location, the island, this stage will definitely be the biggest surprise of MoDem Festival 2017 (Moment Demento) .

Over the years our scene has grown, becoming more colorful and more diverse. Same is with Mo: Dem. We strongly believe That, at this moment, We are big enough to expand further. Because of that - The Swamp! Home for Dark Progressive, Psy Bass, Dub, Breaks, Techno, Glitch, etc ... with one common denominator; Psychedelic. The main philosophy behind it is DANCE. With program of full seven days filled with modern psychedelic music this stage will be counterbalance for the dancers that find 'slower' music more accessible.

In the past editions this stage was called Alternative. We consider that it's totally inappropriate to divide musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative'. Especially in psychedelic music which has always had rich and diverse roots and openminded approach. Promoting Psychedelic music regardless of the style was Mo: Dem's mission from the start.

Like never before the island will have the same signature that made our Festival distinctive, and this goes to approach to sound, light, decorations and construction. In the following weeks we will reveal everything we prepared for you. So stay tuned. 

Love and passion,
MoDem Crew



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