Publish Date: 31/01/17

New concept of The Swamp calls for new stage design. And that means new constructions, mappings, visuals and lighting systems. In this field we continue collaboration with artists that left their mark on past editions of Mo:Dem Festival: Manu Morvan & LiteMotif. We must admit that we're more than delighted to have them back.

Manu Morvan, also known as part of Third Hand Project, is multi-talented and versatile artist producing most incredible art installations and massive sculptures. In his artwork Manu is using only leftover wood and recycled materials. By doing so his sustainable installation sculptures can last for years to come. This is matching with our organic decoration and installations concept, which complement the natural beauty and surroundings of The Swamp stage. Sketches for this year's stage design are looking like they came from out of this word, so be sure to check the final product.
More info can be found on Manu's web page: http://manumorvan.blogspot.hr/

LiteMotif is collective specialized in visuals, mapping and various sorts of video art. Brain behind it is Goldo Litemotif; programmer, drummer and VJ. In last decade he has been actively engaged in a visual and interactive installations, video mapping, generative visuals and production of custom-made video software. Last year some of you maybe played with his interactive D.I.Y. visuals generator on the Alternative floor during the night. For this year LiteMotif is preparing something outstanding. You can expect next step in evolution of video production, visuals and lights.
Find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/LiteMotifVideo/

Next time we will talk more about music concept and The Swamp line up.

Love and passion,
MoDem Crew



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