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    Quadrivium Records

The music is a universal language which exists from time immemorial. It’s characterized, not with words, but with feelings felt thanks to a very precise chain of notes forming a melody or an atmosphere.

The psychedelic trance is one small part and it build his life since 1994. He supports it through different forms: as DJ (since 1994), as organizer since 1998 and more recently since 2012 via his own association Illusion Sonore, as ex boss of a store of vinyl specialized in the electronic musics (during 5 years), as booker for other French organizations, as ambassador for the MoDeM Festival (since 2015) and more recently for the Atman festival (2018), and as stage manager for MoDeM Festival (2016 and 2018) as well as Hadra Trance Festival (2018) and now Atman Festival (2018).

He played beside the artists the most prestigious of this scene during events going of private parties up to the MoDeM festival, for the second time this year. Official Psynon’s label Dj since 2014 with whom he released in 2017 the VA called "Inside Out", you can find easily on their Bandcamp, it is in 2018 when he joins the Indian label Vantara Vichitra that is even more representative of the style that he likes since 2008 named Forest. Recently on 2019 he moved to a new young french label called Quadrivium records to support them as much as possible to spread good quality Forest as they already released.

For him the mix has to tell a complete story from the beginning until the end. For it he prepares in advance all his sets by taking into account the time slot, who's playing before and after him, the location, the organization and the wish of the possible public. Afterward he records one preview, listen as if he was in the dance floor, makes adjustment if need, to keep the energy of the mix and a coherent story all the length. Some people will say that it is a risk but it is for him the only method to produce really a set as he hears it.

« Love is my religion, Music is my god, Dancefloor is my temple »