Aztec Dosage

Aztec Dosage
  • Name
    Aztec Dosage
  • Genres
    Darkpsy / Hi-Tech
  • Country
  • Label
    Atman Tribe

Aztec Dosage is a unique musical project founded by Daniel Melegari.

Born in 1981, North Italy. Daniel has always shown a deep interest in creating music.
After learning how to play guitar, he discovered electronic music and fell in love with digital world. He started using Cubase64 in 1988 producing simple rhythms with an old Atari 250.
He then created his first musical project: ‘Atmosphere’ in 2005 on Solarsiv Records who released his first track ‘Rapunzel’.

During the last few years Daniel has expanded his musical horizons by creating his project ‘Aztec Dosage’ and started exploring and producing his own dark Psy and hi-tech sounds. Ever since he is been playing in a lot of international festivals and of course Goa. Co-producing and releasing music with many international artists, even creating new music projects collaboration such as Weirdos/ Spacejam/ Space Invaders.

For the past 6 years Daniel has also been part of/organizer of Atman Festival’s Tribe in Sri Lanka.