Beardy Weardy

Beardy Weardy
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    Beardy Weardy
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    Wildthings Records

Dj Beardy/Beardy Weardy (live);

Mark/Beardy has been heavily involved with the London scene for the last 15 years playing at most of the parties found there and tuning in the hoards of international travelers and revelers who pass through London and enjoy the Psychedelic trance movement. He has played at many of the major international festivals such as Glastonbury Festival (Dance Area),Glade Festival,Boom Festival Dance arena , Universo Paralello New years extravaganza,VOOV and the Hadra Dance festival and has played for big productions such as the famous BioLive new year celebration in Switzerland.

This year he has completed his first Live performance as “Beardy Weardy “and is being book to perform as both as Live and Dj. His own sound has been heavily influenced from the sounds and experiences he has gained through out his years within the music scene and from the strong knowledge learned through his studies at the I.M.W sound college and the School of Audio Engineering (SAE).

Since starting the record label,he has promoted the Wildthings Records artists and the label passionately and is excited to see what unfolds in the future with these projects.