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    Looney Moon Records

Andrea Lunghi AKA Dust has been releasing psychedelic trance music since 2008, always keeping on evolving and defining his cutting-edge, broad soundscape from night-time underground full-on tunes to daytime kick-ass dance floor stompers.

His tracks are imprinted with his easily recognisable touch and you can hear them pounding at most of the psytrance events around the globe. Many releases followed Dust’s debut album “I don’t like psychedelics” on Looney Moon records in 2012, such as “My friends love psychedelics” in March 2013, “Explicit Content” in 2014 , “Hippie Blaster” in 2016 togheter with Lunatica, “Loonacy” in 2017 with Obliviant and “Wanamatcha” last december.

Aside from his solo project, Dust has a role in many collaboration projects: Loonacy (with Obliviant), Foam (with Assioma) and Dustinface (with Phase) to name a few.

Dust is a real production machine – His state-of-the-art studio kept him warm during the past cold season, as you can tell by the list of his upcoming releases:
- Dust Vs Jumpstreet – “Dusty streets” Ep 
- Dust 3rd full length album

His hectic touring schedules have brought him all around the world’s most renowed psychedelic gatherings, such as Boom and Ozora Festival in Europe, Rezonance in South Africa, Doof in Israel, Experience in Thailand and Universo Paralello in Brazil.