Harmonic Rebel

Harmonic Rebel
  • Name
    Harmonic Rebel
  • Genres
    Psychedelic / Forest
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Harmonic Rebel is the solo project of Andreas Centauro.

Andreas has been an active member of the psychedelic trance scene for many years, since he was introduced to the psychedelic trance culture back in 2000, while attending various underground rave parties in London. It was a shifting point for Andreas and while heavily influenced from everything that was going on around him he begun DJing under the name Centauro and never looked back.

In 2001 Andreas helped bring about the first parties in Cyprus called Fairy Dreams and Amavasya.

He then followed a Music Technology and Sound Design diploma course at the IMW in London 2006 and started working on a collaboration project with Seti called Seeds of Play in 2008. Furthermore, and while performing in various events, Andreas was gaining expertise and confidence on the subject and decided to follow an MA Audio Production course at the university of Westminster in London 2010.

His project Harmonic Rebel aims to influence the audience with psychedelic music that recreates that shift in life and widens the horizon for new infinite possibilities. His music can be described as chunky, groovy, trippy psychedelic trance that is designed to be performed in several times of the night and day.