Microdot vs Pinar

Microdot vs Pinar
  • Name
    Microdot vs Pinar
  • Genres
  • Country
    AT / TR
  • Label
    24/7 Records

:: Microdot ::

Michael Neuschler a.k.a Microdot is a DJ emerging from the Austrian Underground Scene.

Being surrounded by many Dj's and Artist of the Local Techno community, he soon began to show more interest for the Craft of Dj'ing.

In the Year 2002. Michael started his DJ carrier with playing Techno, House and Elektronik Beats.

2004 he met the 24/7 Crew and connected especially with Dj Astralex and his brother Riff Ruff, from that moment on he was very fount of this new style and excited about the driving basslines. 2 Years later he began to focus more on Psytrance rather then Techno.

In 2006 the first Gigs came up, and it was clear for him from this moment on that this would be his home base.

He has played with numerous names like Headroom, Waio, Earthling, Astrix, Tristan, Ital, Laughing Buddha, Dejavoo, Logica, Avalon, M - Theory, Mental Broadcast and many more...

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:: Pinar ::

Pinar Neuschler aka PINAR is a dj who grew up in Istanbul and based in Goa .Beside her passion to music which comes from growing up in a very musically influenced family,attending festivals and parties all over the world inspired her to perform as a dj.

She has been performing in festivals&parties in Turkey and Goa,lately performed in Brasil at Universo Paralello Festival 2017 ,WAO Festival 2018 in Italy,Masters of Puppets Festival 2019 in Czech Repuclic, Modem Festival 2019 in Croatia.

She is known with playing night time psychedelic tunes but for her it is all about groove regardless genre,tempo and style.

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