Nomad 25

Nomad 25
  • Name
    Nomad 25
  • Genres
    Psychedelic / Forest / Night-Psy
  • Country
  • Label
    Psynon Records

Haris is the man behind the NoMaD 25 project! Born in Cyprus , he got involved in the psychedelic scene since 2000 organising parties and playing dj sets.

In 2005 his first contact was made with music production and eventually led to his first music production course in London. After that, lots of tracks were released under the Nomad 25 project which can be described with fat basslines, lysergic atmospheres, crunchy leads and tasty percussions.

In addition to that Haris already released a few EPs one with the Nomad 25 project , one with Synthalienz (side project with Kacid) and one with Isochronic(former side project with Harmonic rebel).

Nomad 25 is currenly blasting the dancefloors all around the globe while working on the final stage of his upcoming album due to be released this year!