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    DE /CA
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    Wildthings Records

Jay is a electronic music producer from the south(wild) Black-Forrest in Germany. Together with his friend Ralph(Braincell/Solarspectrum)he foundet the psychedelic trance project Rastaliens about more then 13 years ago... over the years of playing in clubs and festivals worldwide Rastaliens got well known by manny people for psytrance with an funny unique style.

Southwild is Jays new project and 2010 he joined the UK based label Wildthings records wich is a solid established label for twisted positive psychedelic trance.
Jay is ready to release his debut album on Wildthings records in the near future so as serveral tracks on compilations on Wildthings,Peak records and Mind Funk.

He also works with other musicans arround the globe and did collaborations with Ajja,Evp, Ekoplex,Primordial Ooze,Random, Braincell and other friends in the psytrance scene.

Jay also works as a mastering engeneer in Toronto/Canada where he has his studio based.He mastered serveral projects from chill out /down beat to all sorts of electronic music.

stay tuned for more.....