Aether Mechanics

Aether Mechanics
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    Aether Mechanics
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    Aether Mechanics | Hypnus Records
Aether Mechanics is a conceptual electronic music project founded by Hypnus Records' founder Michel (b. 1988, Sweden). It aims to paint a cinematic visualization of a fascination for futuristic technology and experimental sound design techniques.
The first self-titled album comes divided into eight tracks based on sampling sessions of the artist’s Eurorack modular synthesizer. Together with field recordings from an artisan letterpress factory in Stockholm (which facilitate beautiful original 1950’s letterpress machines), his voice and various digital effects and instruments; it all boils down to a refreshing, machine-like sound that hopefully will inspire producers and music connoisseurs alike.
The album, along with other unreleased material from the project, will be available as an expanded “director’s cut” version ready to be performed live at clubs and festivals around the world. Thus bringing a fusion of carefully crafted and arranged sound effects with the unpredictable quirks and power of modular synthesis.