• Name
  • Genres
    Dark Minimal Techno
  • Country
  • Label
    D.M.T. Records / Zenon Records

Growing up in a musical parenthood, Cubex inherited his passion for music in very young years. After some short but intense journeys into different music styles, he discovered his dedication for electronic music in the early 90's. Starting with House, Detroit and Techno, he finally found himself in the middle of something called Drum&Bass whereupon a huge love story was born. Using the pseudonym Rufftex, he played on gigs all over Switzerland and worked enthusiastically as a promoter for many regional events. 

On his restless search for THE perfect sound and permanent contrasts to the brutal D&B basses he finally discovered his passion for Minimal. Almost at the same time, in 2009, he began to operate under the pseudonym Cubex and his first gigs in the Minimal scene took place. Today Cubex stands for creative but daring combinations of different music styles which reflect his musical roots and personality: In search of the perfect beat, he connects the rhythmical, driving influences of House, Techno and Breakbeat with hypnotic, dark atmospheres from different sound styles. 

With his own productions Cubex keeps his fingers on the pulse of the times: Until now he signed all his tunes on well-known labels such as Concepto Hipnotico, Darker Sounds Records, D.M.T. Records or Zenon Records. Like a space research expert Cubex is discovering outlandish worlds, exploring the neverending dimensions of electronic music and combining the different, inspiring elements to his very own, personal style. As the universe his music reflects some kind of timelessness: Instead of taking over existing tunes he is reinventing his unique sound all the time, again and again, and this defines exactly his motivation - the motivation to make full use of the incredible diversity, the endless range of the world of music.