Illume | Evoka

Illume | Evoka
  • Name
    Illume | Evoka
  • Genres
    Progressive | Techtrance
  • Country
  • Label
    LeechKraft Records

Illume is the project of Lucy Janssen from Melbourne, Australia. Performing from an early age, she got noticed and recognized for her mystical, magical melodies, deep driving baselines, hypnotic repetitions and percussion. Illume is already well known in Australia where she plays both at small gatherings and well-known festivals. At this stage, she earned the opportunity to share her music on the old continent.

Evoka is the estranged baby sister of Illume. Throughout the 10 years of devoted production, Illume's music has gone from faster paced emotive and dark, yet uplifting progressive trance, to something a little slower and a little darker. Lucy has taken everything she likes about electronic music, namely the deeper, simplified aspects and transformed it into her own little unique concept of sound. Evoka thrives on sub heavy basslines, dark atmospheres with a twisted presence while still maintaining that emotive touch.

Illume is currently signed with No Qualms Records, while Evoka still awaits for the right moment.