Jokasti & Nek

Jokasti & Nek
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    Jokasti & Nek
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    MORD Records

Jokasti and Nek are a live act duo, from Greece that is fascinated by sound design and experimentation through old and new technology, searching for new ways to use synthesizers, in the studio but also on stage.

Jokasti is a classically trained vocalist, from a very young age.
She quit her music studies to pursue her graduate and post-graduate degrees in psychology.
After psychology, she started doing vocals for a variety of producers, until she bought her first drum machine.

Nek has a BSc in audio technology, has worked in live venues for years, he likes all things electronic, especially modular synths and is also involved in building eurorack modules.

Like most people, they met in some dark club and Jokasti & Nek came soon after.