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    Intermind Records

Kasadelica project is created by Guy Kasif from Israel. The first experience with the psy world came to light in the end of the 90's in underground trance parties. with time passing, his interest in trance music has increased and became a major part of his life. After a few years guy took off from his homeland and dedicated his time for traveling around the world exploring cultures and participating in psy festivals all around. After a while guy wanted to send his own message to the dance floor and began playing in parties in india and europe and started to have is own ideas for music. Guy started to experiment in the production of trance music. 

His inspiration came from the simple idea of creating tunes that will send the persons to a higher state of mind like he experienced in his adventures. Kasadelica like to describe his style as darkpsy, organic and communicative space music. The strong tone in his music is combined from fat base line unique crispy sounds that are alive, but most important is the drive.