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    Modular Mind

Modular synths and serious ritualistic music.  "Techno (as well as electronic music as a whole) is the most recent re-invention in the way humans in modern civilization express emotion and thought musically . it is infinite in the way we perceive it , as it can be anything to anyone . Techno is a manifestation of the era we live in , if you look around you in a city , everything is Techno from the way our daily rhythm is in place to the dark city night skies , if you look at a city from the top down in a two dimensional perspective you will see how we move and behave , it is all Techno . Just listen to the city and you will understand . the trains , the clocks ticking , the machines , the beeps , the alarms , the square houses and geometrical shapes . everything is linear in a chaotic arrangement just like Techno . a Techno piece can represent a cycle from awakening to sleeping from intro to outro . we all express it differently whether it’s straight or broken , ambient or driven with a kick . just like ourselves and the representation of our realities ; Techno is limitless , techno is timeless ."