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Paula Koski
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    Paula Koski
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Paula Koski has carved out a niche for herself with a multifaceted sound that ranges from ambient to experimental to richly layered, hypnotic and psychedelic techno.
A devoted techno digger with an immense intellect, Finland-born and Berlin-based Paula has been projecting her sense of aesthetics and composition into non-verbal tensional sound creations. The past summer, Paula was pulled into the direction of a whole host of gigs, both at home in Berlin, and away, joining the likes of Neel, Rrose, Acronym, Ntogn, Feral, Aurora Halal and Luigi Tozzi to cast her spell on lovers of the deep, rhythmic and inebriating sounds.
Paula works as one of the aspiring musical curators of techno platform, festival and event series Monument.