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    Zenon rec

Michael Kalinowski aka Sourone hails from Poland, A one person musical project focused on psychedelic and experimental genres of electronic music.
His musical roots started from idm and glitch electronica from where he earnt precious experience and inspiration.

He produces wide spectrum of sounds and styles - from minimal and psychedelic progressive,through emotronic ambients - to squelchy and glitchy experimental downtempo stuff .
He is doing his best to polish,evolve and push boundaries of his own original style.

He gathers ideas,inspiration and energy from music, scene,everyday life,love,travels,art but also learned there's no other way to self development than a hard work and putting all the heart into it.
Michael had opportunity to perform in 12 countries through out the Europe, smaller and bigger events - festivals and indoor parties - among others he was playing at BOOM,OZORA,MODEM,UFO BUFO,FREQS OF NATURE,TRIMURTI,AYATA,WAHA.

He released 6 glitch/downtempo EP albums already and 4 EP psychedelic/progressive and took part in countless compilations in various styles of music.