Sun Wu-Kong

Sun Wu-Kong
  • Name
    Sun Wu-Kong
  • Genres
    Dark Progressive
  • Country
  • Label
    Chagga Records | Drops Festival

Sun Wu Kong or "the one who was awakened to nothingness".

Musician/producer from Slovenia which predominantly creates techno/zenon/suomi/experimental psychedelic dance music. SWK oftentimes incorporates live instrumentation in live acts as well as DJ sets, and heavily FX processed vocals have become a staple in SWK.

Nils RoŇ°ker was born and raised in Ljubljana. He vas in love with music from a young age; which inspired him to train a couple of years as a solo vocalist. Heavily influenced by etno/jazz/rock n roll.
After giving up ensemble pursuits SWK attended the SAE institute in Vienna and Ljubljana where he finished his Audio engineering diploma in 2016. Since then he has been involved in numerous musical projects.