• Name
  • Genres
    Minimal Techno
  • Country
  • Label
    Ovnimoon / BioMechanix

Tulpa | Dusha projects are two worlds, expressed by Anna Martinova, DJ, producer and graphic designer. Anna teleported herself into present era in 1982. She consists of love, light, music and magic. Original from Baltic Sea, born in Dobele, Latvia. DJ career started in 2000, playing styles like Dark Psychedelic Trance, Tech Trance, Old School Goa Trance. Dark Progressive (Psygressive) Anna started to play around 2014th, since then this style is what Tulpa is known with.
As Tulpa Martinova also produces psychedelic trance music, and was released in: Shaman Electro Records VA Nepal album, dedicated to collect support after recent earth quick in Nepal; Nomadic Nocturnes by Parasomnia Records; and recently released a Sky Walker EP with collection of tracks she produced between 2012 - 2017.
After getting Electronic Music Producer diploma in 2012, Anna expresses her passion to melodic, ambient and deep journeys, starting MM - Micro Monkey project. MM harmonically transformed into Dusha project. Dusha 'Душа' means Soul in Russian language, songs that are singed by Anna, echo with Russian folk singings. Dusha is released by Ovnimoon records, and performed Live in real time synthesis mode, remixed and improvised into minimal techno style.
Recently Martinova started Modular Moon. Modular Moon is multilayered project, focused on modular synthesis systems, workshops and events related to real time live performances, systems build, design of instruments and bizarre sound machines. Together with her good friend Nathaniel J Houk, and a team of professionals and enthusiasts, Modular Moon is created to expand creativity in modern musical world.