Val Vashar

Val Vashar
  • Name
    Val Vashar
  • Genres
    Dark Progressive | Techno
  • Country
  • Label
    Zenon Records

Val Vashar is a passionate music lover and DJ. His sets are a combination of psy-progressive and techno music with deep, twisted & psychedelic sound as a common denominator.

For over a decade he has been working as a label DJ for the renowned Australian Zenon Records.

Besides numerous parties, he regularly plays at various international festivals. During years spent on the music scene, he started, collaborated and participated in many projects. Today he is only working on the production of Mo:Dem Festival in Croatia.

Raised on hardcore punk ethics, deeply rooted in the underground scene, he still applies the same principles to his DJ career and work.

Val Vashar is currently on a fictional tour "Born 1981. - Died 2020." which includes five continents: Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, etc.), Africa (SA), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), North America (Mexico) and South America (Brazil).