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Yetti Meissner
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Berlin born Yetti Meissner started playing the piano at the age of 7 though admits she 'fell in love' the first time she learned to mix two records together in 2010., becoming fascinated and then obsessed with the musical possibilities. Practising relentlessly, she soon found her individual sound reaching from impulsive tech-house to powerful hard and deep techno but most of all animating and intensive. 

She quickly graduated from smaller parties to Berlin's big clubs. On her way through countless parties and always searching for new inspiration and drive, she dicovered Sisyphos in 2011. Soon she successfully established herself as a regular headliner at Sisyphos, as she did in all the best clubs on Berlin's thriving alternative underground circuit.

Increasingly booked to play outside the city, she still identifies herself as ´80% a Berlin DJ, admitting she is inspired by its relentless, pulsating atmosphere and open-minded free thinking audience. She recently started producing music and is confident she'll be able to present the first results quiet soon.