Regular price 190 € + booking fee Tickets sell out
Discounted price 150 € + booking fee Tickets sell out


Presale of tickets for Mo:Dem Festival 2020. starts on Monday (16.09.2019.) at 13:00 PM (CEST).

From this edition, there is only one tier and two ticket price range. The number of tickets is limited and they will be selling until sold out.

190 € + booking fee | regular price
150 € + booking fee | discounted price

Plus additional sale of refunded tickets: 190 € + booking fee

Tickets are only available on-line from Litesource Shop & Hadra or directly through Mo:Dem Ambassadors.

Do not buy tickets from other sources, as invalid tickets will not be allowed entry into the festival site.

Tickets purchased from Ambassadors are exempt from the booking fee.

 Mo:Dem Festival tickets are issued in electronic form as an "E-Ticket". Mo:Dem Festival does not issue any "physical tickets".

Mo:Dem Festival E-tickets are personalised and need to be registered with valid name and surname. There will be no admission without a valid ticket. Please check all your tickets on purchase, as mistakes cannot always be rectified.

Tickets bought from ambassadors are personalised immediately by the ambassador, and tickets bought online from our official partners Litesource shop or Hadra need to be personalised by you upon purchase.

You may purchase more than one ticket per transaction. You must provide the name and surname of each participant while placing an order. After successfully placing and paying for your order through Litesource shop, your E-ticket will be sent to the email address you provided within 48 hours after the purchase. If buying through Hadra shop, you will be emailed a "purchase confirmation", this is NOT your E-ticket. E-ticket will be sent subsequently by Mo:Dem Festival. Purchases made through Mo:Dem Ambassadors will be processed and sent to the email address you provided within 48 hours.

Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold. If this ticket(s) is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than Mo:Dem Festival or one of its authorised sub-agents, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry or removed from the site.

Upon arrival at the festival, your E-tickets will be are only valid in combination with valid ID / passport. Your ID / Passport must match the name on your E-ticket. We do not accept a written mandate to transfer personalised tickets.

Valid Tickets purchased for Mo:Dem Festival will be replaced at the festival entrance with a festival wristband. Only Visitors with a valid festival wristband are allowed entry and movement in the festival area. Festival wristbands may not be removed, cut, torn or damaged in any way or they cease to be valid. The festival reserves the right to request identity validation by presenting a valid ID to the festival staff upon request.

Due to the Croatian tourist law, each attendee is required to pay tourist tax. This can be paid upon arrival directly to the tourist board located at the gate of the Festival.

Mo:Dem Festival may decline or forbid entrance into the Festival to anyone who might in any way endanger the safety of the visitors or cause any kind of problems.

Visitors must be aged 18 or over. All children must be accompanied by their parents. Parents need to register children at [email protected] Children aged 14 and under are admitted free when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. It’s worth bringing some ID if they look older than 14.

Admission and participation at the festival is at the visitor's own risk. Mo:Dem Festival and the Landowner will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.


If you are unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, refund requests will be accepted only after the following conditions have been met:

  • Requests for refunds must be received by 23:59 GMT on 31st May 2020. Your purchased ticket will be canceled immediately upon request. There are no refunds after this deadline for any reason including, but not limited to, illness, travel-related problems or loss of employment.
  • When requesting a refund for a ticket bought through Hadra or Ambassadors, you must contact the event organizers directly: [email protected]
  • For tickets bought through Litesource shop, you can also request a refund trough: [email protected]
  • All ticket refunds are subject to a fee of 25€ due to administrative costs.
  • The refund amount shall not exceed the ticket's face value paid (excluding any booking fee and cancellation fee).
  • The pace and scope of refunded tickets payment depend on the achievement of additional sales of refunded tickets. E-ticket refunds will be processed between 1st and 7th June 2020. Due to different laws and bank policies, the payment process may last until 30. June 2020.
  • Some refunds (mostly those outside of European Union) will be subject to additional bank charges. This is a shared expense between our bank and yours, meaning each bank will take away a certain fee from the original amount Mo:Dem paid for your refund. In some cases, depending on the bank, this fee can be fairly high.
  • Please be patient and contact us only if you didn't receive your refund after end-June. Thanks for your understanding.


In order to process your refund, we will need the following information from you: 1) Name and Surname on the tickets you wish to refund, 2) Ticket number (barcode), 3) Ticket price, 4) Address, 5) State, City, 6) Bank name, 7) IBAN and 8) Swift / BIC Code.

Refunded tickets will be sold by the organisation shortly after the refund request deadline. The number of tickets on sale will depend on a number of refunded tickets.

The exact date of additional tickets presale will be published on time.

Please note, these tickets are not able to be refunded. This is last ticket presale and no tickets will be sold at the gate. Tickets are personalised and need to be registered with a valid name and surname. The personalisation must be completed immediately or purchase will be declined.

Discounted tickets are available for countries that have been undergoing financial difficulties. The citizens of the following countries are entitled to a discounted price of 150 € during the presale period. BULGARIA, COSTA RICA, CROATIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC, GREECE, HUNGARY, LEBANON, MACEDONIA, POLAND, RUSSIA, SERBIA, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA & SOUTH AFRICA. Discounted tickets are only available in advance from your local Ambassador and are not available on-line.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out by Mo:Dem Festival.