#004 | BRIAIN

#004 | BRIAIN
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    #004 | BRIAIN
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    Listen and decide for yourself ;)
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  • Label
    Skizze, Art-E-Fax, Mindwaves Music

Transmission & Interview BRIAIN | Art-E-Fax / Mindwaves Music

Can you share your future plans?
BRIAIN: Ya, it's pretty easy to share my future plans ha.. because at the moment it's mostly to ride out this wave!.. but ya I have always wanted to compose music for the film so I'll keep that dream. I will learn what I can and keep making music as much as possible:)

What is your favorite track to close the set with?
BRIAIN: I don't have a favorite track to close because it's always a different environment and time when I play but for the craic, I will imagine one that would be nice at the end somewhere. (Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence) I have been playing this one a lot, always in my bag. I think it could be a nice goodbye to people at the end of a set too.

How did you end up in the experimental scene?
BRIAIN: Hmm I guess from going to gigs and I was lucky enough to have a nice strange variety of musical inspirations growing up especially from my family, I think I've always gravitated towards the experimental world in general. I'm excited by the unknown and the unheard. That's why I started making sounds.

Producer/DJ and sound man in more ways than one, Berlin-based Briain eats sleeps and breathes all things music. Resident and promoter of the well regarded Skizze.