Volunteers Application


We have been working for already several months on the 2017 edition and we are excited to begin incorporating new and old friends into the buildup through our volunteering program. If you are interested in working with us, it means you feel the call for co-creating this special Festival and find in you the desire to put in time and sweat without measure to uplift the production from whatever angle you can help with.

Although we have several rules for participating as a volunteer, the main thing we ask for is a full, all in attitude, with the capacity to work under pressure, and with others as a team. In past editions we have experienced a small group of people coming with the sole motivation of getting a free ticket and food, and some have been very disappointing experiences for us. WE WILL NOT BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE IN 2017. On a different tone, the majority of people coming as volunteers in past editions have been a big success in their participation, and have made a huge positive impact in the final product we deliver to our attendees; THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE ARE LOOKING FOR.

With this said and cleared before anything, second basic aspect is that we ask all participants of the volunteer program to purchase a ticket, either through anĀ Ambassador in your country or our authorised dealer at www.hadra.com. Once you have identified the true motivation behind your desire to participate, and have purchased a valid ticket, you may proceed in filling out the volunteer program forms and begin this journey of artistic co-creation with us. WELCOME TO MODEM TEAM, we see all as equals in this interesting and weird family of us and value everyones support.

For the 2017 edition we are requiring volunteers in 2 main areas:


This is an incredible experience for anyone that enjoys working in team, living in exuberant nature and meeting people from around the world to share information and experiences while helping in the final push of this epic festival.

We ask pre-fest volunteers to arrive between 10 and 7 days before festival begins so that we can organise small groups to deliver a final push to the many areas that we will be finalising. This group address issues of different nature, from painting certain projects, cleaning areas that have been worked on, helping out in art installations, gardens, kitchen, preparing ecology workshops materials, reforestation of specific areas around the river, etc, etc.

During these days we will be working hard between 8 and 12 hours a day depending on your motivation and festival needs. NOTE: nobody will be forced to work overwhelmingly, but our experience is that people get fully motivated and wish to finalise assignments and tend to work a lot. Work is not hard, just needs people on top of things giving in for the last week of build-up as a support.

We ask participants to work at LEAST 6 days, for a MINIMUM of 8 hours per day, once this is accomplished we will reimburse your ticket fee and we will feed you until festival begins.

These volunteers will be camping, working and eating with the core crew and we will also provide daily spaces for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful nature thats hosts us all.


This is a very important position and demands concentration capabilities in the handling of people, working under pressure of people wanting to do as they wish and will require volunteers to be very assertive and empowering in the way we guide and help attendees in their landing.

Volunteering for the parking organisationĀ  requires you to be at the location on the 21st July at the latest. Working days will be 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of july on 2 shifts of 12 hours each at your choice of selection, from 8am till 8pm or night shift from 8pm till 8am. Once the 3 days and 36 hours of work have been finished you will receive your ticket fee reimbursed. NOTE: your volunteer program will last only 3 days, but requires you to be able to handle 12 hour shifts.

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