• Name
  • Genres
    Visuals, Mapping
  • Country
    Italy / UK

Deltaprocess is a multimedia art collective born in Italy in 2009. Our main activities are Video mapping, Visual design/VJing and stage design, as well as Interactive Installations and multimedia performances.

Deltaprocess has worked and performed in various Festivals and events around the world, such as Circle Of Light (RU), Glastonbury (UK), Life (Ireland), Oddstream (Holland), Kernel and Robot Festivals (Italy), Mo:Dem (Croatia), Doof (Israel), Freqs of Nature (Germany), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), O.Z.O.R.A. (Hungary), Hilltop Festival (India), Vortex (South Africa), and night events as far as in Doha (Qatar), Bahrain and Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai (India).

With a stable crew in Italy working for art and corporate events, other members keep on touring the world spreading a fresh, creative and brand new way of experimenting with stage design, projections and lighting.