Manu Morvan

Manu Morvan
  • Name
    Manu Morvan
  • Genres
    Wooden Art Installations
  • Country

Manu Morvan started building wooden and metallic structures in 2009 for techno parties and land art festivals. Since then he draws, paints, plays experimental music and build weird organic structures, strange huge buildings.

He now works everywhere in Europe: for personal projects, psychedelic festivals and land art events. He likes to stay connected to the nature, DIY concept and experimenting with different materials.

During the past years this versatile artist produced many art installations and sculptures, this way giving big contribution to the visual identity of our festival. As Manu’s artistic work is based on wood and recycled materials, it was only natural that he nested on The Swamp stage which organic design follows natural beauty of it’s surroundings. New sketches and ideas are in his scrapbook, only waiting for the spring to be realized.