Petrix (TranceCarpathiArts)

Petrix (TranceCarpathiArts)
  • Name
    Petrix (TranceCarpathiArts)
  • Genres
    String Art
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Peter Veresh a.k.a. Petrix was born in a small beautiful town by the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine in 1986. His interest in art, experiences and nature was awakened in his early years. At the age of 14 Peter became deeply influenced by the energy of psychedelic art and fluoro design. Peter’s first psy-trance experience was in Carpathian Mountains in 2001.

Being inspired by new feelings and the magic energy of the psy-trance experience, he started making psychedelic design in different styles and organising art projects together with Ukrainian promo group TranceCarpathiArts.

His art career started in 2003 in Ukraine and has grown into constant bookings in other countries. It has broadened his vision of  psy-culture existence and inspired Peter for self-development and perfection, always creating with new ideas. Petrix’s passion was revealed through experiments in design with strings, interiors, backdrops, party and festival decorations. His main lines in decorating of events are rare 3d installation with fluorescent strings and a lot of thematic artworks with different materials.