The E.D.S.A.

The E.D.S.A.
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    The E.D.S.A.
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    Decorations, LED lights
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The E.D.S.A. is a Starseed organisation.
An agency created to facilitate and aid the reconnection and integration of Earth Humanity with their Galactic Family of Light. 

Currently we are working on unified energetic Spaces constructed using sacred geometry, Crystal energetics and intelligent light forms. We utilize these light forms and crystal-tek to assist in activating the Human Light Body and the mutated DNA coding that is being upgraded at this time in our Ascension Process. 3rd Dimensional Spaces but designed to tune into the 5th Dimensional reality and serving as a Bridging Device to allow for an easier interface and connection to the higher and finer frequencies of our Multi-dimensional Selves. 

Divine-Love inspired craft-spaces that help to Amplify, Energize, Focus and Inspire a fuller DNA higher-self activation. Connecting and tuning into the Ascending Earth Energy Grid.
In Preparation For the Extra-Dimensional Space Nations Landing Party!

Through the use of ancient wisdom, high technology, and artistic flare we create to inspire the mind, move the body towards the expanding Soul. Opening and Exploring the Extra-Dimensions in Divine space.

Dance, Have Fun, Be AS ONE!