Near Trieste / Italy - 27/05

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    Near Trieste / Italy - 27/05

Hanuman Tribe present:
Mo:dem Festival | teaser party
Saturday 27/5 | from 20.00 till 12.00 - Open air!



:: SOUTHWILD [Wildthings rec.]
Jay is a electronic music producer from the south(wild) Black-Forrest in Germany. Together with his friend Ralph he foundet the psychedelic trance project Rastaliens about more then 10 years ago... over the years of playing in clubs and festivals worldwide Rastaliens got well known by manny people for psytrance with an funny unique style.

Southwild is Jays new project and 2010 he joined the UK based label Wildthings records wich is a solid established label for twisted positive psychedelic trance.
After he released his debut album on Wildthings records and serveral tracks on compilations from major undergroud labels worldwide such as Wildthings,Peak records,looney moon rec.,Hadra just to name a few...

He also works with other musicans arround the globe and did collaborations with Ajja ,E.V.P. ,Dirty safi, Psymmetrix,Ekoplex,Primordial Ooze,Random, Braincell and other friends in the psytrance scene.

Jay also works as a mastering engeneer in Toronto/Canada where he has his studio based.He mastered serveral projects from chill out /down beat to all sorts of electronic music.

:: DHARMA [Looney Moon rec.]
D. is a Project started in 2009 in the city of Udine (IT) by Enrico Alpini. After 8 years studying as a drummer, several years of djing, and thanks to the inspiration of many events he attended in the past, he threw himself into producing psytrance music.
Due to the strong inspiration and good quality of the music, and a long friendship from the italian parties, even before having a live act ready, Dharma joined forces with Looney Moon Records to spread his fresh and original underground sound all over the globe.
Characterized by powerful funky basslines, researched acidic atmospheres and a happy and mild forestish sound choice in the leads, all his bright influences will transport you to a dynamic and euphoric journey into new sound lanscapes.
Simplicity, humility and passion are the core values at the root of this project, along with brotherhood, cosmic love, holographic awareness and quantum enightenment!

:: MOLE [Looney Moon rec.]
Born in May 1987 in Venice, he first met the world of electronic music when he was 14. After having listened to different kinds of music, it is in 2003 that he gets in touch with the world of psytrance. Soon it becomes his stronger passion and he decides to cooperate with some friends (Francesco from Assioma and Winny) to found the “monkey tribe”. They organized several events in Italy during the following years.
In 2003 he starts its experience as a dj, however, after 5 years, it became clear that the mixer was not enough, and that playing someone else’s music could not fully express himself. He begins now to take confidence with music production and, after 2 years of hard work in his studio, and even thank to the help and training of his friend Dust, he debuts with mole project in July 2010.
This project will be immediately followed by further releases. His music is a mix between the fat jumping baselines from the full on and the psychedelic leads and atmospheres from the night music. The outcome is a groovie psytrance that will pump the dancefloors and blast yours brains for sure.

:: LOOM [Forestdelic rec.]
Loom was born the 13th February of 1995.
His love for music began in his childhood thanks to his mother whom used to sing in many liscio bands.
In the early days, Loom had his first musical experiences as a singer, with drums, and other instruments as well.
Then, during the middle school, he started to study guitar and the music theory at the Experience Music Academy near Padova.
During his studies, Loom got into the music business as a shift worker in some local tribute bands and right after, he set up his first Blues Rock band called "Monkeys N' Cigarettes". After that, he had the chance to play with many cool artist from Virgin Radio such as "Andrea Rock", "Alteria", and so on..
In 2013/2014, Loom got in touch with the world of Trance music and after taking part in some parties, he fell in love with it, giving him the opportunity to develop as a person and soul.
Now Loom has two projects [Slide (Dream Project Records) is the first one] and, in his studio, He teaches guitar and produces Psytrance with some funky/jazz/blues influences, ready to shake you with his brand new sound!

:: KRONOS [D.Noir]

Kronos live was born , as project , in the hills above Florence_ Italy
After 20 years of djsets around the subgenres of electronic music
any others in event organization - Kronos decides to move also to music production of Psytrance and downtempo tunes .
In February 2015 he released his EP Poseidon ,4 peculiar tunes belonging to the world of Twilight Forest. After any time spent in other labels , he founded D Noir Records , in August .
In January 2016 the collective finely selected the first compilation "GREENOMIUM" with Kronos'track Monogram .
His psy-matter is made by elements which are melted to build a hybrid .enveloping in time with free choices and some unconventional sounds: Most of leads come from
hardware and they are handled to allow the listeners a
natural absorption of the frequencies and an inexplicable excitation at the same time.
So open your mind ,let it flow & enjoy it.

:: DELIRIUM TREMENS [Dream Project Records]

A mix of crazy visions transformed into twisting sounds, dementia converted into technology, all surrounded by leaves, roots and strange creatures whispering...

I'm Damiano Marconi, born in Trieste some time ago. Musically self-taught, I've then achieved a master degree in Music and New Tecnologies at the G. Tartini Conservatory in Trieste.
Fascinated by a lot of music genres: from electro-acoustic and computer music to classical, jazz, rock, blues, metal, punk hc, experimental stuff,...
Inspired by everything that can be inspiring: a tree, a stone, a smile, a tear, dreams, beer, flushing toilets, nunchaku,...
A message of fun and madness, all amplified through you, made to dance, to become one.

:: DOPADOCKS [D.Noir rec.]

Alberto Pado aka Dopadocks Born in 1990 and live in vicenza, approaches the world of music for the first time playing the piano of his sister, where he received his first piano lesson .
the passion for electronic music was born around 2011
with his first console gifted to him by his close friend and then from there start a psychedelic musical project
from drum machines to various synthesizers in 2015 Dopadocks joined the D-NOIR Recordos.

::PSIKED'ELIAH [Dream Project Records]

Keyboard player, student at the Conservatoire of Music and New Technologies, coming from the '70s psychedelia, blues, rock 'n roll and diving and wondering in electronics ... My aim is to create a mystical-explosive recipe, mixing and experimenting with all perceivable sounds in a revised and totally personal way. The influence of goa / psygressive is the key ingredient which is based on the sound mix of my tracks; the backbone, smooth and hypnotic, marked from the bass, allows you to dive into cosmic-introspective journeys.
I hope it pleases you and to see you in the future on the dance floor!


:: PHOBOS [Looney Moon rec.]

:: DJ URICH [World People Production]

:: DORO [24/7 - Blacklite rec.]

:: NES vs VOLTAGE [Dream Project Records]

:: WINEX [Voidoscope rec.]

:: NAMI [Blue Hour sound]

Floating Bush Collective
Psykiry [Psyfly project]

More info coming soon...

> Special location inside the wild nature

> International line up & Decoration

> 3D Video Mapping

> Light & Laser show

> Fire Show

> Performance

> Shop & Food

More info coming soon...

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