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    Peak Records / Shiva Valley

Rowan is a Psytrance Dj from England/Goa

Growing up in Goa, the heart of psytrance, Rowan's been immersed in the scene from a young age, surrounded by musicians, artists, travellers and tripped out fluro spandex-wearing hippies. Intuitive to the needs of the dance floor, Rowan's sets flow organically with tight and technical mixing. He's stayed true to his roots and is known for his groovy, crunchy and psychedelic night-time style that represents both his lables, Peak Records and Shiva Valley Records.

Rowan now has a strong following in India, having played at legendary parties in Goa for the last 18 years, He has been spreading his sound to the rest of the world as well, having played at Ozora, Antaris, Modem, Boomtown, Sonica ETC... Catch him at a festival near you soon and get your filp flops blown off.

Creating his own music has been a natural prgression for Rowan, look out for his funky and very psycadelic tracks under the name Headworks.