Darko needs your help. Strike that out. Mo:Dem needs your help. As big and dandy our festival may seem to you, basically it is what it was from day one: a party that friends organised for themselves so they could party the way they like. Friendship was always at the core of everything. This time it’s not about the festival, our friend is at the center of the story.

Darko Cigić is a photographer and videographer with amazing skills in carpentry. Even if you never met him, if you visited Mo:Dem and used handrail, bench, table, toilet, stairs… you were in contact with wood he designed, planed, sanded, assembled and painted. Although he doesn’t like to use his lens to shoot psytrance festivals, he filmed and edited a video for our crowdfunding campaign back in 2020. Autumn is a period when Darko shines. When he goes on his forest walks, everyone knows menu for dinner, his famous wild mushroom risotto.

Darko is at a turning point in his life and he can’t move forward without a little help from friends. Few months ago his life turned upside-down after he was placed in an induced coma in doctors’ attempt to suppress various and overlapping symptoms of Covid, purulent ear infection and meningitis. After he suffered a stroke, the doctors were fighting for his life… this battle he won. However, after he woke up from a coma half of his body wasn’t functioning. Due to the severity of Darko’s condition, for him to recover and to be able to walk again, will require private and very expensive medical care.

Therefore, we are kindly asking for you to help and contribute to Darko’s funding campaign:

Give what you can, it’s not about the amount, it’s about a sense of purpose. It is about a spark that will start a fire in our friends heart. We need that fire. Speaking honestly and from the heart, pre-festival build up, excitement, dancefloor, music, all of it… it just wasn’t the same without our friend with us.

With love, passion and commitment,
Mo:Dem Festival Crew

#momentodemento #modemfestival

Photo by Black Lamb Media