MO:DEM 2023 | GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Weather update!

The storm weather front passed through the Mo:Dem site last night. Although weaker than in some other parts of the country, the rain caused muddy roads and water-soaked camping areas. Our teams are already on the field and they started fixing the terrain, making it ready for visitors.

The weather forecast announces the change of situation by the end of the weekend and mostly sunny all next week. The gates are opening today as planned and scheduled shuttle buses are moving towards the schedule. All three stages are ready and the music program starts on Monday afternoon.

Note: If you are able to, we strongly advise you to postpone your trip for the next 24 hours, thus easing it up for us and for our teams to repair the terrain.

If you enter the festival today, you won’t be able to choose where to set up your camp. Only the main caravan parking (Dragonfly Park) and the camping at the upper part of the festival site near the Hive (Acorn Fields, Chestnut Meadows) are open. Other parts of the festival are currently not available.

See you at the dance floor!

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew