There are 199 days between now and Mo:Dem Festival 2023! As the days on the calendar are slowly melting away, many of you have already started making plans for the summer. We have great news both for the early birds and sleepy heads who will be reading this text in June or July. Updated version of MO:DEM:SPACE is on-line and running.

New personalised interface provides quick access and easy management of your orders from the Mo:Dem webshop. To receive your login details, register by entering the email address used for your purchase:

From now on, you can use MO:DEM:SPACE to:
• Download tickets
• Change the email address
• Request a refund
• Re-assign a ticket from your order to your friend’s
• Change the name and re-assign a Campervan Pass
• Choose the date and time for your Mo:Dem Express ticket

Closer to the festival date, download options for timetables, shuttle bus schedule, detailed map and festival booklet will be added to MO:DEM:SPACE.

That’s all for now. Just be sure to get your ticket on time and to polish your dancing shoes.

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew