Mo:Dem Experimental Cinema

Take a time to chill and enjoy a space dedicated to video creation in a radical sense, from movies and documentaries to video art, experimental live video performances and interactive visual art.

The Experimental Cinema will nest us to go beyond our imagination.
Through video and surrealism, we will transcend the physical world by sharing life experiences, art, mysticisms and spiritual inner selves.
The Experimental Cinema wants to underline the importance of creativity in the making of every film, video or new media that will be shown.

We will have special goodies so you can relax for a while in our spot. Some will try our cacao, amazingly powerful superfood from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, manufactured by hand by the native people of this area.

Experimental Cinema is stepping up into another dimension. Come with us.


Martha Palacio
Video and photography
[email protected]

Orlando Guier
Live Analog Visuals
[email protected]