Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the stars looking for truth, answers or escape to other constellations and planets, expanding our knowledge, and experiencing a harmonious way of living together among nature…

While traveling through galaxies and the vastness of space is still impossible on a physical plane, a bunch of visionaries have offered an alternative solution. On a hill, in the middle of the forest, they decided to build a device that, with the help of imagination, provides just that. Anchored in the middle of The Hive arena of Mo:Dem Festival is The Stargate, a portal to new and yet undiscovered planets and dimensions.

The Stargate was designed and built by the STARGATE ENGINEERS, a squad of visionaries who gather once a year to tune the engines of this marvel and bring unfathomable worlds closer to you. Combined with cutting edge contemporary psy music and visuals, the STARGATE ENGINEERS brought psychedelic rituals to a completely different level. Words are not enough, you just have to experience it, to understand.

Although The Stargate has grown organically over the years, its exact outline and final design is only in the head of its chief designer, Björn Jelinek.

No work on this gigantic project would be completed without the man machine with the biggest smile, Robert Ruppitsch.

Adding sophisticated layers, secret codes and the smallest details belongs to Ankita Trivedi.

As the date of the Mo:Dem Festival approaches, the number of STARGATE ENGINEERS on the location is increasing. We will present the rest of the team soon.

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew

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