The Stargate V.1 turned its engines offline and the last dancer left The Hive dancefloor exactly three years ago. Many things changed since then, one didn’t, that is ingenuity, creative force and passion with which Stargate Engineers approach their grand design. As you read this, the last wires are being soldered and the idea once sketched into the blueprint became the reality. In this case reality is stranger than fiction. Aren’t you eager to experience the enchanting magic of The Stargate V.2?

The Hive will feature the craziest and most insane group of VJ’s ever gathered in one place. This year you will know who of them performs at any given moment.

Our friends Kerlivin, Nomad 25 and Tron will not be able to perform on The Hive this year. Their replacements are Acousma, Buzz, Shove and Skyvibes.

Check detailed list HERE.

Download The Hive music and VJ timetable from your personal MO:DEM:SPACE by logging in with your ticket number and email address:

We blast in 8 days!

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew

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