9 days to go. If you forgot to pack sunscreen, now is the time to do it. Also, a set of clothes including a warm jacket, long sleeves and trousers is mandatory. Nights near Mrežnca river and Swamp island can be quite chilly and moist.

The timetable for VJ’s is a long-desired plan that finally came to life this year. Putting a spotlight on visual artists that gave a distinctive signature to Mo:Dem Festival from the anonymity of the VJ booth!

After last year’s experiment The Swamp stage returns to its usual repertoire: mixture of progressive and techno side of psychedelic music. Because of personal reasons beyond our control Fungophago and Freddy Hetzinger will not join us this year. However you will have a chance to hear them next summer. 

Additions to the lineup are Anormic, Eric Schaich and Hochweiss.

Check detailed list HERE.

Download The Swamp music and VJ timetable from your personal MO:DEM:SPACE by logging in with your ticket number and email address:

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