Dear Modemheads!

Spring is here and along with the nice weather a sense of joy and optimism has awakened in us. The works and preparations have slowly started and the whole Mo:Dem team will soon be at the festival location.

The new edition of Mo:Dem Festival will be held from 8 to 14 August 2022, meaning that we will be reunited on the dancefloor in exactly 111 days.

A lot has happened since September 2019 when we opened tickets presale for the event which we eventually rescheduled for two years in a row. That is why we want to communicate with you once again all of the details about Mo:Dem Festival 2022 tickets.

All tickets purchased for rescheduled 2020 and 2021 editions of Mo:Dem Festival are automatically transferred for Mo:Dem Festival 2022.

All tickets purchased during the period between 2019 and 2021, for rescheduled 2020/21 events and for Mo:Dem Festival 2022, are valid. For security and organizational reasons, completely new tickets for Mo:Dem Festival 2022 will be issued in the beginning of June 2022. New tickets will be sent to ticket holders on the email provided during the purchase and personalisation. Contact us directly only in case you have not received your ticket by 23:59 CET on 7th June 2022.

All tickets purchased for rescheduled 2020/21 events are ONLY valid for Mo:Dem Festival 2022. After this event, we will no longer allow rollover of tickets to future events.

Refund requests are still being accepted. Deadline for all refunds requests must be received by 23:59 CET on 31st May 2022.

To request a refund please visit this LINK.

Refund process will start immediately after the launch of additional resales of refunded tickets in June 2022. The pace of the refund payment process depends on the achievement of additional resales of refunded tickets. Due to the unprecedented times we are operating in, refund processing times may be delayed until after the festival takes place.

Mo:Dem Festival is sold-out, however, there is a limited number of tickets available for purchase. This number depends on the number of refunded tickets.

Resale of refunded tickets will go on-line at 10:00 CET on 8th June 2022.

Tickets will be sold on a „first-come-first-go“ basis only through the official Mo:Dem shop. Ambassadors will not be selling tickets. Do not buy tickets from other sources, as invalid tickets will not be allowed entry into the festival site.

Tickets bought during resales in June 2022 are NOT REFUNDABLE! A full refund is only available in the case of event cancellation.

Ticket price for Mo:Dem Festival 2022 is 250€

We are currently working on testing and finalizing the last details of our own ticket store. Years of experience and work will be turned into one multifunctional interface, which we are confident will meet your needs. The Litesource Shop is currently off-line but all purchases made there will be transferred to the new system.

We will update you with all information trough our newsletter and socials.

If you have any additional questions be sure to check our frequently asked questions section before writing to us directly through our website contact form.

Love. Passion. Commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew

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