Publish Date: 05/12/2017

They say it’s autumn, but it feels like winter. Time to find a warm place and give reins to imagination. Perfect timing to work on the new outlines of our Island. Meet the team behind The Swamp design and visuals.

New appearance and design of stage came from the mind of Mo:Dem’s enfant terrible: Manu Morvan. During the past years this versatile artist produced many art installations and sculptures, this way giving big contribution to the visual identity of our festival. As Manu’s artistic work is based on wood and recycled materials, it was only natural that he nested on The Swamp stage which organic design follows natural beauty of it’s surroundings. New sketches and ideas are in his scrapbook, only waiting for the spring to be realised.

One man collective LiteMotif is responsible for various kinds of visual and video art on The Swamp. Working in close cooperation with artist that will contribute to the new landscape, LiteMotif is setting up a harmonious visual story. Goldo Litemotif, well known for his interactive visuals generator, is taking visuals and video mapping of The Swamp to the next level. For now we where granted permission to reveal the information that Deltaprocess crew will join VJ team next year.

We proud to host art project FlipZurd in full extent. It’s a collaboration between Zurdovad from Sweden & FlipaTulipa from Israel, two artists noticed for their exclusive wooden spiral technique that combines raw wood and natural materials. Using their spiral design this duo easily translates shapes and creatures from nature into large and functional architecture. Wooden sculptures by day and living three-dimensional light-paintings by night. Perfect pick for The Swamp as their work forms a harmonic, geometrical and natural environment.

Eager to know who is playing? Be patient, next week we are disclosing The Swamp line up.

Love and passion,
MoDem Crew

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