PsyCare is a service dedicated to people undergoing difficult drug-related experiences at festivals and music events. 
This idea was born from KosmiCare, a harm reduction program created by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).
Kosmicare UK was born in 2009. as an independent organization branched out from KosmiCare at Boom Festival, which set the standards for responsible psychedelic support service.
Entheogens make us experience a fast connectivity with the deepest parts of our psyche. Historically we used to take substances in a tribal context with the support of the tribe and a shaman... these days we are left alone with our unpredictable emotions and some times terrifying visions of the collective unconscious. Acknowledging that in gatherings and festivals, people are pushing boundaries and that its there where we need to give support is an important step to take.
We are non-judgemental, not pro or against any personal choices, just there to care. 
We believe that if someone is having a “bad trip” it is because he/she is really in need of it, therefore, we do not work with denial or trying to make people come back to “normal” but by embracing the moment we provide support for the individual to come through the ordeal more wholesome and wise. 
“If properly handled, a psychedelic crisis has great positive potential and can result in a profound personal transformation. Conversely, an insensitive and ignorant approach can cause psychological damage and lead to chronic psychotic states and years of psychiatric treatment and struggles” Stanislav Grof

No one should ever have to go through a bad experience without knowing that support can be found if needed. Addressing and reducing the potential harms associated with the use of drugs is our responsibility as a community. Those of us who work with Kosmicare believe that the world is a shared responsibility wherein we must look out for and take care of each member, just like in a tribal setting. We believe the well-being of each individual is vital to the well being of the whole, as a true tribe and a living organism, breathing as one.
It would be of great value if every music festival and event promoter/organizational team were to take this safe space model into consideration in their future planned events.
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