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Dance of Bereginyas

Dance of Bereginyas is a Slavic Sacred practice for women. This practice, intended only for women, is based on the ancient wisdom of the Slavic Vedas. It is one of the most powerful languages of the movement by which women's energy is harmonized with the principles of nature and the universe. Practice is performed through movements, affirmations and symbols. Each of these aspects is powerful in its own right. And the strongest is when all three are connected together. When a woman practices a specific movement, she becomes aware of that aspect in herself and has the opportunity to manage it and provide herself with energy balance, stability, health and many other benefits in accordance with the female nature. The benefits of the practice itself are in all fields, both physically and emotionally and mentally.

Latica Adnadj has been studying and teaching the practice of Dance of Bereginyas since 2018. Prior to that, she practiced various types of dances, from Creative Dance, dance with fire props, to Acrobat Dance in the Air (Aerial Hoop and Aerial Hammock). She is a graduated piano professor by profession, and all the knowledge, experience and gifts on her life path through dealing with this practice are woven. Its goal is to make this ancient practice generally known in our region and around the world in order to contribute to the development of Women's Consciousness and the Consciousness of humanity in general.