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    Woo-Dog Recordings / SquareLab Music

Mario Spitzeneder from Salzburg is one of the founders from Syntax Sense and also label DJ for SquareLab Music and WooDog Records.

Mario is born in 1986 and raised in Salzburg. With 8 years Mario started playing the E-Guitar and was impressed by bands like Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica and that kind of Rock music. Some years later something around 2003 after the first listen to the G.M.S.- NO RULES (Album) he was infected by the world of psytrance. The first DJ-Equipment moved to his home shortly after the contact to this special kind of music.

In the year 2006 Mario founded the crew Syntax Sense (together with his best friends) to organize psychedelic partys in Austria. The Syntax Sense team still exist and is well established in the Austrian scene of psytrance.

Over the years Mario got connected with Twenty4seven Records, Sakog and Otherland Productions who pushed him to demonstrate and strengthen his skills in his hometown. One year later Bionic played his first gig on festival in Bavaria and from that moment on he got booked for festivals and party around Europe. There upon an intense commitment in psytrance started which lasts till now.

DJ Bionic Employes various styles according to circumstances, ranging from: psy-techno, zenonesque, atmospheric psytrance to twillight twisters, heavy forrest grooves, full power night psy and also high tech dark. He plays nearly all styles of Psytrance but he defently prefer the darker, faster and more psychedelic styles for a higher consciousness on the dancefloor. DJ Bionic performed on big stages around Europe (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Malta, Hungary, Bavaria...) with acts like: G.M.S., Star Sound Orchestra, U Recken, Dust, Hilight Tribe, Materia, Dirty Saffi, Mole, Module Virus, Psymetrix, Foam, Parandroid, Assault Junkies, Dark Whisper, Virtuanoise, Loose Connection and many many more.