Frantic Noise

Frantic Noise
  • Name
    Frantic Noise
  • Genres
    Dark Psy
  • Country
  • Label
    Dark Prisma Records

Matías Benamo, born in Buenos Aires in May of 1984. From the very beginning he developed high interest in technology, computers and music. His productions are easy to recognize and characterized by the fusion of many different textures of music. Solid production, strong rhythms, rolling basslines, mind-bending atmospheres built in with complex synthworks... Properties that compressed into the trance format result into deep & colourful journeys through sound, making it a perfect live performance for night or twilight hours and also for listening at home.

After the release of Abstract Machine, his debut album with Megalopsy with Trishula Records, together they founded Dark Prisma Records and made the labels 1st official release with his 2nd full lenght album: The Nordland Orchestra released on July 2006. The 10 alien packed inside this CD represent 10 different tracks telling the story of this misterious alien orchestra. This album bombed the dancefloors all around the world and had a very positive reaction in all the psy freaks including awesome reviews by Damion and Death Posture. 

Frantic Noise is now also part of AuraQuake Records, cutting edge label founded by Penta including artists such as Atriohm, Parus and oCeLoT. We will have more info soon but you can expect for sure some new tracks in the next AuraQuake compilation. 
Currently he is working on the final process for this V/A Bestiary and working on new solo tracks and collaborations with Argentina artists, he has also worked together with Karash and Sattwa which will be out this year by the portuguese based label Urban Antidote.

At the time he is working with Dark Prisma Records planning many data downloads in different formats. Stay tuned for more.