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    Looney Moon Records

Highstyle is the solo Project Of Corbin Tod-Duff.Age 25 ,South African.

Currently playing for Looney moon Records, highstyle's sound can be described as an underground psychedellic experience. Being a groove addict from birth, he tries to create a landscape, a meeting point, or melting pot, if youd prefer, of super groovy low end basslines, twisted broken, cutting edge leads, moments of huanting and somewhat sinister feelings brought out with eerie space like atmospheres ... suttle voices and funky clever brain scrathing effects, jam packed full of wild vibes and some mind engulfing emotions.all flowing from his forest studio in the wilderness.

A hybrid project, a blend of all his favourtie sounds drawn from each sub genre, Highstlyes fun loving energy, positive groovy lines and crisp crunchy freshness are sure to keep you moving and full of life.
He draws inspiration, from other labels such as,Wildthings Records,Peak Records, Bom Shanka, Subsystem, Purple Hexagon, Woodog, Parvati, Vantara Vichatra, to name a few aswell as the surrounding nature, monkeys, birds, bugs and trees.