• Name
  • Genres
    Psychedelic / Darkpsy / Hi-Tech
  • Country
  • Label
    Dark Valley / UP 160

Janczur began his experience psychedelic electronic music in 2002 .

In 2003 he fell in love with CDJs and mixer and started spreading his night thoughts to the world .

Involved in most Brazilian psychedelic projects , is currently one of the curators of the nightly line up of Brazil 's biggest festival : Universo Paralello, , besides being extremely involved with crews representing the Brazilian underground as Forest Family , Cosmic Crew , Samadhi Parvati among others.

Along his 10 years carreer , Janczur collects performances in different countries like England, Spain , Slovakia , Italy , Hungary , Germany , Romania, Costa Rica and is always a certain name in festivals line up in Brazil .

In his travels , had a blast performing at the Parvati Stage Full Monn Festival , and the official after party at the Ozora Festival in 2010, hosted by psybaba records .

From 148 to 180 bpms , his sets are engaging with accelerated beats and hypnotic sounds . Likes to fry the dancefloor with tracks obscure and hazy atmosphere , having as priority the spirit of dance.

Currently supported by 2 labels : Dark Valley(BR) and UP160 (BR), as well as organizer of Xyryry Kuaray since 2003. As former labels has made his basis on Noise Poison, 2to6 and Auraquake.

Prepare for a great sonic journey where the versatility of free labels is the basis of their sound experiences.