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    Banyan Records

Kimmei was born in the Berchtesgadener Land, the gate to the Bavarian alps. He grew up surrounded by forests close to the Untersberg, akkording to the Dalai Lama the Heart Chakra of Europe and also the mountain with the most legends and myths in the alps.

He is the typical music-addict. He was always collecting music and listening to it in every free minute.
He started to make music at an age of 10 by playing guitars. Later he also started to play the drums. He has played in several bands, released an Thrash Metal album worldwide and did a European Tour with his Band.
He always enjoyed the psychedelic side of music and after opening his mind to electronic music he stood at his first psychedelic trance party and was totally blown away by the music and the vibe there. Now he knew where he belonged to.
From this point he was visiting every possible party and festival and because of that he is a good known face in the party scene. Because of his musical background it was logical to him to start Djing and producing.

His DJ-Sets always seem like a journey and although they stay in kinda „one style“ they are making a nice bow. From funny trippy over deep and mystical to powerfull straight in the face. Ranging from Twisted Night Fullon to Darkpsy but mostly stay in the Forest Style. 144 - 155.
He describes his sound as „CYCLEDELIC“, which describes it kinda best.

He has been playing in several parties and festivals in Germany, Austria, Czech, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Croatia....

He really enjoys playing and has always great fun when he gets the opportunity to move the dancefloor with his beloved music.

He is part of the Austrian Label BANYAN RECORDS and AMAYA PRODUCTIONS from Spain/Berlin. He is also part of the bavarian DJ-Team HUNAKUPUA with Raschka (Banyan Rec./Alpentrauma) and DJ-Team KIMBO with Xerion(Banyan Rec./Alpentrauma). Also he can be booked with other great DJs like e.g. Jairam (Real Vision) from Berlin.
Since 2012 he started the project of INS MITTN where he organizes high quality psychedelic events in Bavaria.